Welcome to Gardens by Ellen in North Andover, MA

More than twenty years ago, I left my teaching job and started gardening because I longed to be outside with nature all day every day. When I began my fine gardening career, I hardly knew a daisy from a marigold and never dreamed that one day I would be designing landscapes, planting trees and shrubs and caring for large properties filled with a wonderful palette of color and texture. At that time, I knew I just needed to be outside. From those humble beginnings working alone in small gardens, I found myself taking on more and more gardens, caring for bigger and bigger properties, hiring helpers, buying trucks, establishing nursery relationships and, and, and..... I write this at the end of March as I eagerly anticipate the start of yet another landscaping season outside with the plants, soil, sun and all creatures great and small.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

From early spring through late fall, there's always something interesting in the front garden.

Tender images

My front garden is totally bare as I look out my office window in March. Soon the perennials will be emerging and then I'll add the gazing ball and annuals. This photo was taken in August last year.